About The North Circular

'The North Circular' utilizes the talents of grandmothers and fashion models to create knitwear over rich tea biscuits and  gossip. The inspired idea by models Lily Cole, Katherine Poulton, sees contemporary knitwear exclusively made from rescued Wensleydale sheep, with the expert hand knitting skills of  'grannies, girls. …and a few strong men'.

The idea was born over champagne and cups of tea, after talking about boys, Katherine and Lily would always bounce around the idea of a knitting empire fueled by grannies hand knitting, both of us blessed with talented knitting grandmothers. (Katherine's gran is now one of our star knitters, she originally knitted the much sought after circular neck snug that inspired the name of the company...)

We wanted to return value to the hand made product, personalize the process of production, rekindle the relationship between the producer and the purchaser - knitter and scarf wearer. The idea went back and forth more as a joke than a reality between Katherine and Lily, until one day we decided to act upon it. Inspired by Izzy Lane- we loved the fact that she rescues sheep from slaughter houses then sustains them through their wool.The North Circular only use British wool mainly Wensleydale which is naturally free from the prickly kemp found in other wool.Our sheep graze in England's green pastures and the wool is spun and dyed without the use of harmful mordants. It was Izzy who alerted us to the fact that the wool industry is on its knees in the UK, due to cheap overseas imports. This made us resolve to fight for bringing production back to the UK ,by supporting our homegrown industries. Every part of our garment is made in here in the UK. This creates a low mileage products, and makes our items even greener.

The low mileage also helped to seal our choice of name, as the wool passes through a 120 mile 'north circular' route from sheep to scourer, spinner to dyer, on to knitter.

We all believe in using buying power to support what you believe in. With us you're receiving a high quality item that is ethical, supporting high standards of animal welfare, it is eco/green with low mileage, minimal packaging, supporting UK industries, traditional arts and crafts.